Samin Yead
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bio: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world! As you already have seen, I am Samin Yead. I am a high-schooler, 12th grade, from Bangladesh. Many of you may know the country. For those of you who don’t, it is a small country in South Asia. Yes, I am Asian. So you guys may see a few things about Asia in my writings over here. As for my religion, I am Muslim. About my writings, I like writing fantasy and I guess that is what I write the best. I have written a bunch of novels (of course none were published! I just wrote them out of my own enthusiasm!). Of those I only completed one, and I never got to finish the rest. So, now that I started a new novel, I thought maybe writing online was a good idea. Because that way, so many different people will get to read my works and chances of getting a reply from professional writers are more. That way, God willing, my writing will improve manifold. So, I really hope that you guys would take the trouble to read and review my works. God willing that will help me a lot! And a few more things about me. I like Japanese animes and I am a big fan of romance, especially romantic animes and yeah, I like shoujo even though I am a guy (judge me if you want)! Not just romantic animes, I like romance anywhere be it a book or a movie or anything else. As long as it's good, it works for me. But besides romance, I like all other genres as well, if the stories are good. I like anything if the story is good. At last, I would request all of you guys to read my stuffs and leave a constructive review like, instead of just saying that it was good or it was bad, I would love it if you say why it was good or why it was bad and what exactly did you liked or disliked about it. And yes if you want to say it harshly, I will also consider that as long as your words aren’t derogatory but whether you say it harshly or not, please make sure it is constructive. That would help yours truly improve a lot and to be a more skilled writer. And if you want to contact me you can e-mail me at Saminyead@gmail.com. I am also on Facebook too. Just search for Samin Yead. So with that, happy reading, folks!

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